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Lamis Karaki

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Logistics and Operations

Lamis Karaki is Senior Political Science-International Affairs student at LAU. She has been in the Model United Nations program for two years straight, starting as a volunteer in the 11th GC LAU Model United Nations High School Conference. Lamis then served as a Logistics and Operations Coordinator the following year. She dedicated her time and efforts to the organization of many events at LAU as part of the Event Organization Club at LAU. Karaki took part in raising awareness while she was a General Assembly Member of the Lebanese Red Cross Youth Club at LAU for 2 years. She sure will continue to attain the Model United Nations program’s mission and work on empowering teammates and herself for a more effective and productive community. Lamis takes the responsibility of the 13th Global Classrooms High School LAU Model United Nations & 8 th Global Classrooms Middle School LAU Model United Nations Assistant Under Secretary-General for the Logistics and Operations Team.

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