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Maria Saab

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Training and Educational Development

Maria Saab is a 3rd year Nutrition and Dietetics Pre-Med student with a minor in Psychology. Her passion in health and fitness lead her to become a personal trainer and part of the Athletics Department in LAU.
Saab also has a passion for writing which drove her to join Mosaic LAU’s independent newspaper 3 years ago as a staff writer and has now become its Vice President. She is also currently the Vice President of the Civic Welfare Club.
Maria spends most of her free time volunteering and was assigned as Head of Volunteers in LAU’s Orphan Fair 2017.
Maria Saab served as a Trainer in the 11th Global Classrooms Model UN & 12th Global Classrooms Model UN and was also part of the Educational Development Secretariat that year. She also attended the Global Classrooms International Middle School Model UN 2017 in New York where she Co-Directed the International Labor Organization Committee.
Her passion for this program and everything it stands for is constantly growing year after year. Maria will be serving as this year’s Assistant Under Secretary-General for the Training and Educational Development Team.

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