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Nicole Abou Samra

Assistant Under Secretary General for Training

Nicole Abou Samra is a sophomore student majoring in Biology. Her involvement in GC LAU MUN began with her participation in the 3rd Middle School Conference in 2012, fueling her interest in – and passion for – the intricate workings of the UN. She was then a member of her school’s delegation in the 8th GC LAU MUN High School Conference, and later a delegate in the 4th LAU MAL High School Conference, attaining further proficiency and experience with both programs. Her familiarity with MUN is not limited to LAU’s training – she also attended a conference at Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar in 2014, broadening her horizons to include international and local programs alike in her practice. As a freshman, she was able to act as a member of the Training & Educational Development team in both MUN and MAL last year. Nicole takes the responsibility of the 12th Global Classrooms High School LAU Model United Nations & 7th Global Classrooms Middle School LAU Model United Nations Assistant Under Secretary General for Training.

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