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Sharbel Ayyoub

Deputy Secretary-General

Sharbel Ayyoub is a 2nd year Psychology student. He has been a part of the Outreach and Civic Engagement Unit ‘s local and international programs for the past 3 years.
A Public Information Coordinator from the moment he joined the LAU family back in 2015 where he served both the Model United Nations and the Model Arab League Programs. During last year’s program, Sharbel took part of the Senior Secretariat Board as the Director of the Public Information at the LAU Model Arab League.
Sharbel’s list goes on as he strives to translate dedication and commitment for the program on ground.
Outside of MUN, Sharbel is a dedicated and experienced social media manager, as he has founded and runs many big social media pages online. He is also serving as the President of the Psychology Club in LAU Byblos.
Sharbel takes the responsibility of the 13th Global Classrooms High School LAU Model United Nations & 8th Global Classrooms Middle School LAU Model United Nations
Deputy Secretary-General.

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